Crafty Costumes

Halloween is creeping up on us and here are some fun and crafty DIY costumes for you to try out. If you do end up making any of these costumes, don’t forget to share it on social media by tagging @mrealtyhomes. If you’re looking to move into a haunted house (or a regular house), you know who to call!

Gumball Machine
White t-shirt
Fabric glue
Multicolor pom-poms
Red skirt or pants.

Simply glue the pom-poms securely all over the white t-shirt, and tuck it into the red pants or skirt!




Solar System
Galaxy printed shirt or dress
Eight or nine foam balls (depending on whether or not you’d like to include pluto, which you should)
Craft sewing needle that is at least as long as your largest foam ball
Acrylic paint
Black string or fishing line

Paint the foam balls like the planets, allow them to dry completely, then use the craft sewing needle to thread them onto the fishing line or string. Tie the chain of planets into a loop, then wear as a sash over your galaxy printed shirt or dress.



Large cowboy hat
Sheet of cardboard
Bubble wrap
One yard of felt
One yard of shiny fabric
Duct tape

Cut the cardboard into a donut shape, large enough to fit around the hat. Staple felt to the bottom of the cardboard, then cut out the felt underneath where your head goes. Add bubble wrap to fill in the top of the hat, using the duct tape to keep it in place. Next, add your tentacles by stapling different lengths and types of ribbon around the brim. If you have battery powered LED lights, you can add them with the ribbon to make this costume light up. Finally, staple the shiny fabric over the bubble wrap.



Large purple balloons
Safety pins
Black headband
Green felt

Blow up the balloons, and tie them in clusters to the string, then safety pin the grapevines to a plain shirt. Cut out leaf shapes from the felt, then staple them to your headband. To make this costume a raspberry, just use red balloons.



And for your furry friends, Ghost Dog
White sheet large enough to cover your dog
Black marker

Cut three round holes in the middle of the sheet, two for your dog’s eyes, and one large enough for your dog’s nose and mouth to fit through. Draw a circle around the holes. For added cuteness, give your dog a pumpkin candy basket to hold.