Branch Out: Discover Portland’s Trees

Our city’s reputation once lay in its prolific population of stumps– now, as summertime comes to Portland again 165 years after the city’s incorporation, the trees that make Portland beautiful release their leaves and open their blossoms once again. Take this opportunity to visit and appreciate Portland’s historical, wonderful, and fruitful arbors. As always, if you have questions about the real estate market, I am happy to be of service!


The Hoyt Arboretum

Perched high in Washington Park, the Hoyt Arboretum showcases a collection of shrubs and trees from around the world and your own backyard. Stroll the shaded paths independently, or take advantage of guided tours around the park concerning subjects as varied as ethnobotany, creating natural dyes and native trees. Enjoy a quiet picnic in the designated picnicking area, or simply meditate on the Redwood observation deck– the arboretum allows you to take in the diversity and beauty of trees, whisking you far away from the city and into the natural world. Free, and accessible by TriMet Line 63. Prices for tours vary.


Heritage Trees of Portland

Explore Portland’s oldest trees and rediscover the history of your neighborhood through its trees. With 300 historical trees scattered throughout the city, there certainly is much to appreciate! Download the Heritage Trees app and take an unconventional tour of Portland– learn the history and significance of some of Portland’s oldest residents, where the growth of the city will take on a new meaning. PDXheritagetrees


Portland Fruit Tree Project – Community Orchards

The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the world’s finest fruits– from cherries to peaches, Oregon’s fruit trees will soon be laden with the taste of summer. The Portland Fruit Tree project brings the farm into your neighborhood, inviting residents of the city’s various quadrants to participate in the care and harvest of a community orchard. Grow and pick delicious fruits straight off the branch, meet neighbors, and appreciate the trees that make summertime special. Various Locations.