Hidden Gems: Restaurants

Fresh vegetables, richly colored berries, and local dairy are intrinsic ingredients incorporated into many cuisines served in Portland, Oregon. Tom Sietsema of the Washington Post ranked Stumptown as 2015’s Best Food City in the US after spending 60 plus days on the road, and exploring 271 various restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, and bars.

We have shared some of our personal favorite gems among Portland restaurants, divided in quadrants around the city. Visit these hotspots and enjoy first-hand what makes Portland a food city to remember.

Dick’s Kitchen is a unique restaurant in the heart of trendy Northwest Portland, whose menu emphasizes local, healthy, sustainable, and humane ingredients. The owner, Richard Satnick, based his business principle on the value of catering toward a range of diets, from gluten-free to paleo and vegetarian. Through this commitment, they have formed strong bonds with the producers and farmers. Truly one of the best burger joints in town, Dick’s can’t be missed!

Fat City Cafe is a delightful breakfast spot in charming Multnomah Village. With old license plates lining the walls, checkered floors, and diner booths, this place fits the bill of a typical cozy American joint. Nothing served here is pretentious; just tasty breakfast classics like hashbrowns, toast and eggs and sizable skillets. Order a side of cinnamon roll and you have set yourself up for a knockout breakfast. If you’re looking for a new place to chow down, head over to Fat City Cafe. You won’t regret it!

Every morning at 5:00 AM, a pit is fired up at Podnah’s Pit in Northeast Portland and high quality natural meats are prepared and smoked in an oak hardwood firebox to be served for that evening’s menu. The owner, Rodney, prides himself on never pre-cooking and solely relies on Texan methods for smoking delicious meats. This results in some delectable dishes you can’t get anywhere else in Portland! Head on over and taste it for yourself.

This unassuming Vietnamese eatery is truly a hidden gem in Southeast Portland. Tucked away in Wing Ming Square, a small plaza on SE 82nd Avenue between Division St and Powell Blvd, among a spice shop, hair salon and hot pot restaurant, Ha & VL is easy to miss, but once you’ve eaten here, you’ll be back for more! Owners Ha “Christina” Luu and William Voung craft small-batch regional Vietnamese soups. Each day offers a different delicious dish that is full of flavor, with perfectly cooked noodles and some of the most aromatic broth in Portland. The store opens at 8am, and more often than not, soups sell out around 1pm, so be sure to arrive early!