Portland Waterfront Focus

Portland Waterfront Focus

As Portlanders, a point of pride has always been our glorious waterfront. More than merely an aquatic line of demarcation between the territory of Eastsiders and Westsiders, the Willamette and her shores are mother to much of our trademark Northwestern beauty.

Spanned by architectural wonders (the Broadway Bridge was our first bascule bridge- the longest in the world at its time of completion and currently the longest Rall-type bascule bridge still in existence), our waterfront is beautiful to behold, both in broad day and after the sun slips beneath the distant Pacific.

Whether enjoying the river views from the private comfort of a condo balcony, outdoor restaurant seating, on a lunch break in the park or while pedaling along our picturesque, paved bicycle routes… the waterfront signifies a sense of progress while hinting at our history. Our shipyards contributed to the Allied effort in WWII and still construct commercial transport ships today.

Anyone looking to get an interactive tour of our waterfront is encouraged to take a high velocity, highly informative jet boat ride with Willamette Jetboat Excursions. The tours continue through the end of September and are a genuine good time for all ages, Portland natives and visitors alike.

No matter how you choose to embrace it, get out there and experience Portland’s amazing waterfront!