Come to the Joanne Rand concert at Bamboo Grove

“Rand’s voice raises your hair, elegance and fierceness in the same deep breath” Gary Snyder

 Joanne’s music brings an uplifting sense of possibility and community. Here’s what another fan had to say:

“this woman changed how i listen to music. her voice filled my soul like no instrument ever. and every time i see her it is the same. ….brave, and full of passion and joy….and a great musician as well….if you ever get the chance to see her….DO SO…”

Come celebrate the release of Joanne’s 13th CD, The Nashville Sessions, in an intimate setting at Bamboo Grove. Friday April 26, 7:30 pm., SE 2nd and Taylor with entrance on 2nd.  See videos of Joanne below!

Dubbed “Psychedelic-Folk-Revival,” California singer-songwriter Joanne Rand comes to Portland, OR for a Concert on Friday, April 26 at 7:30 PM, celebrating the release of her 13th CD, “Stories from the Inside Out, The Nashville Sessions.” Her music spans environmental activism, earth-based spirituality, traditional folk, and more.

Details here and reserve your spot here or contact me at 503-750-1630. Videos below.

Donation, sliding scale $10 to $15. No one turned away.