Privatize Our Campgrounds and Hotsprings?

The forest service is proposing to privatize 27 remote and beautiful campgrounds in the Mt. Hood National Forest.  The proposal includes privatizing Bagby Hot Springs, the only free hot springs in the area. Mt. Hood National Forest's Bagby Hot Springs

Bagby has had its share of problems, but I wonder if privatizing the places we go to relax is the best idea. Listen to a story about privatizing Bagby from OPB radio:

Here’s where you can go to email a comment to be included in the public record on this proposal.
To learn more about Mt. Hood National Forest actions and issues, check out BARK.

Deadline for public comment was February 14.

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2 Responses to “Privatize Our Campgrounds and Hotsprings?”

  1. The link to comment is not configured as a public page. It won’t come up for me. I would LOVE to have a comment heard… I love Bagby. So do many friends and all my kids!

  2. This is government at its very worst! Those campgrounds and Bagby belong to the people of this country, NOT to the USDA/Forest Service. The Forest Service holds merely stewardship over these public lands, NOT ownership. I urge every person, progressive, conservative, liberal, socialist, and fascist to protest this act of robbery against this country’s citizenry.


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